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I am a self taught Raleigh-Durham based art photographer. My work is often described as painterly, impressionistic and uniquely transcending.

None of my work is the result of software manipulation. It is done in the old-school manner, "in camera", combining raw materials in unique ways and photographing them.

Originally a print maker and watercolorist, I took what I learned in the fine arts and applied it to photography: the importance of composition, color science, the role of pigments and papers, the expressiveness of a single brush stroke, concept and above all - the interplay of color and light.

Much of what I do is a reinterpretation of common, and sometimes not so common, scenes in life to give them a magical quality. It is about what one can imagine vs. what one actually sees.


Ellington White Gallery Fayetteville NC 2016

Soho Photo Galley New York 2013

LA Mobile Arts Photography 2012

Artists Eye Gallery, Curious Camera 2011